About Us

As Executive Director of Pro-Survival Consulting, for over 20 years Malcolm Gellatly has consulted widely disparate companies in the United Kingdom and North America. His expertise has been developed by both training in his specialty of Hubbard® Management Technology and practical application of same.

From 1982 to 1987, as CEO of a vitamin retail and wholesale distributor in England, he applied his expertise to more than quadruple the company's size. As well, the company had begun its own manufacturing to guarantee product quality. Returning to the vitamin business in 1991 he turned it into the largest supplement encapsulator in Europe, tripling the staff in a purpose-built manufacturing facilty.

He then pursued other consulting projects as diverse as restructuring a high-end London decorating business to the organising of a top London hair salon, resolving their administrative difficulties to greatly increased productivity.

In 2000 and 2001, he undertook further training with the Hubbard College of Administration to ensure his qualifications were fully uptodate and since, has continued his consulting activities, with particular attention to the manufacturing industry.

The 1991 creation of the purpose-built manufacturing site piqued Gellatly's interest in construction; the government's 2008 Energy Performance Certificates rekindled that interest and so has become a 'second string' to Pro-Survival's 'bow'.