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Pro-Survival Consulting specialises in providing commercial Energy Performance Certificates for commercial properties in south-east England.

What Are They?

Since October 2008, commercial premises require an Energy Performance Certificate, or EPC, stating the energy-efficient status of the building. These certificates are similar to the labels found on domestic appliances like freezers and washing machines, and provide a rating of the energy efficiency and carbon emissions from A to G, with A very efficient and G the least efficient.

Every EPC Pro-Survival provides is accompanied by an Advisory Report listing the recommendations for cost-effective improvements and ideas like low/zero carbon generating systems to better the energy rating of the building.

When Are They Required?

Essentially, any commercial building available for rent or sale must have such a certificate which is valid for 10 years. Should energy improvements occur within this period, another certificate can be acquired to show this.

EPCs are produced by all assessors using standard methods which allow buildings to be compared to others of the same type; energy efficiency can then be estimated as part of their rental/purchase decision.

What Are Their Advantages?

The advantages of EPCs are primarily “green” in nature; buildings are responsible for almost 50% of the UK's energy consumption and carbon emissions – higher even than road or air traffic!

By working together, government, commercial enterprise owners and tenants could save 40 million tonnes of carbon by 2020.

Are There Other Certificates?

Display Energy Certificates (DECs) are required for buildings occupied by a public authority or an institution providing a public service with some specific criteria. They show the actual energy usage of a building which allows the public to see its energy efficiency.

Again, the DEC is always accompanied by an Advisory Report listing cost effective measures for energy rating improvement.

While a building's energy rating won't give you its energy running cost figures, it certainly provides sufficient information to allow for sensible estimating. In today's climate of increasing ecological awareness combined with economic limitations, anyone purchasing or renting property for their business needs all the help available. Pro-Survival's trained Energy Assessor experts are there for just that purpose.

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