"The new system I think has improved things dramatically. Because the number of phone calls to me has been cut, means I can concentrate on other aspects of my job role. Now everyone is clear on what they are doing means I know who to direct things to rather than going round 2 or 3 people before I get the correct one. I am very pleased with the new changes!" H.H

"I have found that I can concentrate on the one specific job I was employed to do. I do not have to break off my job role all the time. Communication does seem a little better in the company." M.L.

"Having all the sales team in one office is a good move as it improves communications." A.N.

"Working in the same vicinity as the sales team is a big help and education. I can learn more about what people are asking for, how much we are selling things for, etc. etc. The better communication can only be a help towards the marketing, and being in the 'front line' I can see first hand if any of the marketing is working." S.J.

"I think with a little more time for people to get used to the new system and then I will see a big difference in the time I used to spend on the phone, reduced dramatically. Which will enable me to cure problems at the source, benefiting the whole production process!" G.P

"My staff appear generally more focused and there is less idle chitchat which would suggest they are getting on with their jobs! It is good to know where to place correspondence and be confident that the person the correspondence is destined for will actually see it (i.e. it will not be lost in a sea of paperwork). Staff appear more organised - their workstations are much tidier than before." E.S.